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Jazz Robertson



Jazz Robertson got her introduction to the music scene at the age of 5, when she took in her first live concert: Eric Clapton. But it wasn't Clapton's guitar chops that made her jaw drop; it was Steve Gadd's killer drumming. From that moment on, Jazz wanted to play drums.

Born in Maryland, Jazz moved with her mother several times before finally settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of 15 she received a drumset from her mother, and within months she was playing in local bands around the city. After passing up an opportunity to go to law school, she auditioned for Berklee College of Music at the age of 19 and was accepted on a full-tuition scholarship. At 21 she studied and played in Athens, Greece with some of the best musicians in the Mediterranean. The following year, she lived and played in Germany. After graduating magna cum laude from Berklee, she earned her MBA with a concentration in music business. Now based in Los Angeles, Jazz keeps up with rehearsals, sessions and shows

Jazz endorses Vater Sticks and Paiste Cymbals.


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